International Law & Investment


Asset Protection

Our asset protection services include the use of worldwide vehicles such as corporations, partnerships, trusts, and foundations to hold assets. We design estate plans during the life of the client and plan for succession so that the asset is protected. Ex-spouses, the government, and a multitude of creditors and collectors will always be a risk when assets are left exposed. Therefore, we deem it vital to design plans to maintain as much of the client’s wealth as possible so that they are protected as well as their family.


Fiduciary Representation

At Brickell Law Group, our attorneys have the background and experience necessary to assert and defend fiduciary claims. Our fiduciary representation attorneys are also trust and estate attorneys and draw on that substantive knowledge when managing a claim that arises within a fiduciary matter.

Brickell Law Group lawyers routinely represent trustees and personal representatives with a fiduciary duty and obligation to defend an estate or trust.

In advising fiduciaries seeking to avoid litigation, our attorneys counsel the fiduciary concerning how to avoid claims and provide guidance – before any litigation arises – to put the fiduciary in the best possible position in the event litigation does commence.



People should always have an estate plan, regardless of income or assets. Estate plans also include planning for incapacity, medical directives, and instructions on the care of children. We draft customized wills and trusts to give peace of mind to our clients, taking advantage of our international law knowledge. We review your plan on an ongoing basis in order to meet your needs. We always keep in mind the tax and probate consequences of the plan.

  • Will Drafting & Execution

  • Living and Testamentary Trust Drafting, Execution

  • Probate Representation & Administration

  • Totten Trusts

  • Prenuptial Agreement Drafting and Representation

  • Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Directives & Living Wills


Business & Investment Immigration

We handle all business immigration needs for our clients including investment, work, special talent, training, and intra-company transfer visas. We also help our clients bring their families and become U.S. Citizens. Moreover, we prepare the entire case in-house, without the need of hiring external accountants to draft and certify business plans or corporate counsel to setup the entities. That is the advantage of having a wide array of professionals at our disposition.


Brickell Law Group can assist you with obtaining non-immigrant, student & exchange, employment-based, or immigrant visas.

We can also represent you before the US Embassy in any country, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the US Department of Homeland Security, Immigration Court and the Board of Immigration Appeals.


  • Temporary Business

  • Treaty Investor & Trader Visa (E)

  • Employment Visa (H)

  • Media Visa (I)

  • Intra-Company Transfer Visa (L)

  • Special Talent Visa (O)

  • Athletes, Artists & Entertainment Groups (P)

  • Temporary Non-immigrant Religious Worker (R)

  • Foreign Trainee Visa (J)


  • Extraordinary Ability (EB-1)

  • Advanced Degree or Exceptional Ability (EB-2)

  • Skilled Worker, professional, or other worker (EB-3)

  • Foreign Investor Visa (EB-5)

  • Labor Certification