Unclear Definitions to Qualify for Business Tax Break Under New Code

From Bloomberg.com


Tax professionals are pleading with the IRS for details as soon as possible. The American Institute of CPAs asked for “immediate guidance” on the pass-through provision in a Feb. 21 letter to the IRS. “Taxpayers and practitioners need clarity” to comply with their tax obligations and “make informed decisions regarding cash-flow, entity structure, and other tax planning issues,” the AICPA said.

This much is clear: If you’re a pass-through business owner who earns less than $157,500, or $315,000 for a married couple, you get full access to the deduction no matter what you do.

Above those thresholds, the deduction fades for certain “service” industries specified in the law including health, law, consulting, athletics, financial and brokerage services. (The break is completely eliminated for service business owners earning more than $207,500 if they’re single, or $415,000 if they’re married.)

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